Ken Navarro

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Contemporary Jazz guitar legend Ken Navarro will join us On The Dean’s List.

Navarro’s latest CD The Test Of Time is his 20th release and marks a landmark in Ken’s musical direction. It is Solo Guitar like you never imagined it. In each of the 12 songs that make up The Test of Time, Navarro delivers a genuine, flawless performance, where all of the melodies, bass lines, harmonies and even percussion are masterfully played simultaneously on just one guitar without any overdubbing.

Over the past 21 years, Ken Navarro has performed in every major US city and had numerous Top 5 hits at national radio. His music is distributed throughout the world from Japan to Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Britain, Australia, Chile, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and even in China. Navarro’s 2010 release “Dreaming of Trains” was pre-nominated for the 2011 Grammy awards in 2 categories and his 2008 album The Grace of Summer Light was named the #1 contemporary jazz album of the year at Jazz Times. His impressive discography of 20 top charting albums showcase his appeal to a wide range of listeners with inspiring compositions and superb guitar performances.

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